When new women-owned businesses join TheWMarketplace we ask several questions to get a sense of who they are and why they choose to be a part of TheWMarketplace. One of the questions prompts sellers to describe themselves in one word. We loved the answers of these tenacious, positive, resilient, passionate optimistic women so much, we made a word cloud wrapped in our logo. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

We also ask everyone why they want to be a part of TheWMarketplace's mission, and the results make our hearts sing! They also underscore why we built this business in the first place. We thought we’d share our very own top ten list, in their own words.

#1:  Women Supporting Other Women

2:  Shared Belief in TheWMarketplace’s Vision, Mission and Values

      • “As a woman of color, I love your mission and core values and can identify with the changes you working towards. I would love to be a part of this catalystic innovation for change." -- Marielys Quezada of The Repotted Shop
      • “As a woman and Latina-owned company, we would love to connect and be a part the mission as it aligns to our own values and mission.” – Haus of Trade
      • “We want to be a part of TheWMarketplace because our values match up!” -- Copper Door Coffee Roasters
    #3:  Inspiration and Mentorship Opportunities #4:  Being a Part of a Community of Like-minded Women
      • "We are members of the greater community. We all can benefit from the experiences of other female solo-preneurs/mom-preneurs who have come before us. And once I can stand on the shoulders of giants, I can then usher in a new cohort of determined women and pay it forward!" -- Das Stitch Haus
      • "We support small businesses and enjoy being a part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. We hope to support other women-owned business especially in their journey to success." -- K&B Labs, Inc.
      • "We believe that our values align and want to be a part of communities that focus on supporting, diversity and inclusion as well as building community." – It’s Nola
    #5:  Networking Opportunities
      • "Women supporting women is a beautiful thing. There is so much to be learned from each other. This is a network that can help each one of us grow together. I'm excited to be a part of it." – Lanee’s Resin Alchemy
      • "The WMarketplace is a space for women-owned businesses who want to make an impact on the world and help one another thrive and grow." -- Jen Fontanilla Design & Marketing
      • "Being surrounded by so many women entrepreneurs is invigorating! We understand our needs and how to support and uplift each other." -- FAJR FLAIR
    #6:  Female Empowerment
      • "We are all about female empowerment and love the messaging and ethos behind this marketplace!" – 8apart
      • "I love the idea of enablement through commerce." -- Higbe Pottery
    #7:  Intentional Shopping and the She-Commerce Model
      • "We believe women have their stories and their own way of shopping. Making it easy to find the right tribe when spending is a great solution to the continuous profit driven, he-commerce model." -- Adoratherapy
      • "I want to be part of this sustainable ecosystem built by women, for women." --- Pelora Stack
    #8:  Supporting an Under-served Marketplace
      • "I believe the economic impact women can have on our marketplace has traditionally been untapped. I am firmly rooted in the idea that given the need for diversity, gender-neutrality, and inclusion, now is the time for female entrepreneurs to succeed and push to help others rise to the top of their respective marketplaces." – Fitlace
      • "I want to be a part of a marketplace representing women and recognizing their creations and story behind their product." -- B' Bites
      • "I'm a strong believer and advocate for the advancement of females and other minorities within the realm of business ownership and income generation." -- Beach Cities Notary
    #9:  Closing the Gender Gap
      • "I believe in supporting more women entrepreneurs and doing away with the gender gap." – Mobile Professional Solutions
      • "We need economic leverage to achieve equity and you are choosing to enable this. As a woman of color, I love your mission." -- Et Fille Wines

    #10:  The Future is Female

      • "I have been raised by strong women and I also want to show my daughter what women are capable of." -- Fashion is Art
      • "It's my desire to be a part of the solution, to help build relationships and see the dreams of women soar. I love the idea of mobilizing and building great things so one can see OUR potential. We have a place, a voice, a purpose and incredible things to offer." -- Cute as a Cupcake! Cupcakery & Bake Shop

    Thank you to all of TheWMarketplace's fabulous female business owners! Reading through all of the responses was incredibly affirming and gave all of the energy to go out and make TheWMarketplace the very best ecosystem and shopping platform out there! Because women doing business with women, will change the world!

    Top Reasons Why Women Join TheWMarketplace

    Top Reasons Why Women Join TheWMarketplace