Following is an update sent to TheWMarketplace investors who helped us raise over $1.4M via crowdfunding on Wefunder. We are sharing this update with our broader community to raise awareness of the interest in supporting female-founded companies, like TheWMarketplace, and all of the women entrepreneurs who have joined as sellers. We could not be more proud to have raised money in this difficult economy. It is the knowledge that women make GREAT entrepreneurs that drove many of the investment decisions and we intend to prove them right. Cheers! 

Press Release, May 18, 2022.


Dear TheWMarketplace Investors,

Thank you. Thank you from our small but mighty team. With your investment, we are continuing to grow TheWMarketplace's community of women entrepreneurs and those who shop from them.

A few updates on our current areas of focus:

In the next few weeks we are rolling out a proprietary, multi-tenant application that will improve the onboarding process for sellers and their ability to manage their product and service listings, as well as improving security and administrative tools. We are excited to have the roll-out in sight!

We also will be growing our community through a new, private, Facebook group. Please keep an eye out for an invitation to join this group. We repeatedly hear from the sellers who have joined TheWMarketplace that they need community and interaction to better grow and thrive as entrepreneurs, and we are listening! We would love for you to join this group where you can ask questions, talk directly with sellers, and interact with other investors and shoppers who share your interest in supporting female founded brands.

Please keep bookmarked so you remember to shop there first - that is one of the best ways you can directly influence the value of your investment. And, be sure you have joined our newsletter (just click on the site and you will have a chance to enter your email to join the newsletter list) so you are always up to date on news, special offers, and sales.

And again - THANK YOU! We are so excited to grow this business with you!


Susan, Kate, Colleen, Melissa, Madelyn and Carmen

TheWMarketplace Founding Team

Investing in Women

Investing in Women