Update! March 9, 2022: TheWMarketplace is chosen by Daymond John's private investment group as a featured deal!

Kate and I are so thrilled to announce that Daymond John, "The People's Shark", has chosen TheWMarketplace as a featured deal for his private investment group. His team thoroughly vetted our investment opportunity and company and we were interviewed by Daymond in a "Hot Seat" session. As you can see from the picture, he asked tough questions but also resonated with our mission and with our shared desire to democratize investment.

Since Daymond published our deal, we have seen a new group of investors join us and we would like to say to this group, in particular, THANK YOU! Thank you for putting your values, support and investment behind The Economic Engine for Women!

Original Post: November 6, 2021: We're Open for Investment!

TheWMarketplace is thrilled to announce that we are open for investment - and that YOU can participate, and be part of the growth and success of a company founded by and for women entrepreneurs.

It is time to add some fuel to The Economic Engine for Women.

It it is our mission to give everyone the opportunity to invest, especially women who are looking to grow their personal wealth. That is why we have opened an crowdfunding investment round on WeFunder. You can be part of the growth and success of TheWMarketplace and put your dollars behind hundreds of women-owned businesses with a single investment.

Invest in Women Entrepreneurs

When we launched TheWMarketplace last year, we knew we had a winning idea. And the response we have had in the last 17 months has confirmed the need for an ecommerce marketplace by and for women, that supports the growth of women-owned businesses. We now have over 480 women-owned brands offering almost 3,000 products and professional services.

We also have partnerships with federal government agencies, non-profit and for profit businesses, all with the mission to support women entrepreneurs. These partnerships are vital to our growth and investment will help us to find and develop new partners.

TheWMarketplace is mission driven and we are very focused on how our mission is reflected in our business results, from a rapidly growing group of sellers, to month-on-month sales growth, to partnerships spanning public, private and nonprofit entities, TheWMarketplace is poised for exponential growth. 

Join us as we grow, with an investment in TheWMarketplace.

Have questions? Please reach out to Kate Isler (kate@thewmarketplace.com) or Susan Gates (susan@thewmarketplace.com)

Invest in TheWMarketplace!

Invest in TheWMarketplace!