Mother’s Day 2021 is coming! A whole day dedicated to celebrating and honoring the women who raised us. As the day fast approaches, and we curate the collection of gifts and services we think mothers would love, I scan the site for what I think my own mother would admire and cherish - what would put a smile on her face and maybe even make her gasp in surprise! My mother is a beautiful, hilarious, selfless soul who dedicated her whole life to her kids, to her family, and to helping others, all in the pursuit of a better life.

Mother’s Day took on a whole new and broader meaning to me eight years ago when my daughter was born. Perhaps all mothers look at their children and want to give them a better life than they had, or maybe it’s to give them the best life possible.

My own mother is the daughter of a bus driver and seamstress, and grew up in a tiny town on the Magdalena River in Colombia, South America. For her, a better life meant leaving all she knew and coming to America. The very thought of coming here was a fantasy to most people in her town, but she was given the chance. My Abuelita, driven by her own desires to give her daughter a better life, implored her to go and live the American dream, even if that meant she might never see her again.

Now that I have my own children, the sacrifices that my mother made cross my mind throughout the year, and become clarified as Mother’s Day approaches. It took guts to move from the tiny town that very few ever left, leave her family, learn a new language, and live in a place that she only knew from movies.
In her early years here in America, my mom was an entrepreneur. First, she kicked-off a lawn mowing business (and eventually sold it to my uncle), then she started a housekeeping business. I remember being a little girl, running around houses “cleaning” with my mom. I look back on those years and reflect on the sacrifices of all mothers, and whether they work for pay or not, being a mom is a full-time job!

I joined TheWMarketplace in June of 2020. And since joining this company, life has come full circle for our family. My mom now gets to watch her daughter help launch a company she loves, a company that helps women just like her -- entrepreneurs -- build their businesses and realize their true potential while creating better lives for themselves and their families. 

My hope now, eights years into this mom role of mine, is to not only give my kids the best life I can, but to make them proud, just like I am of my mother. I hope they see how much I want them to have what I was not afforded and to dream for themselves, just like my mother wanted for me and her mother wanted for her. With that said though, I’m profoundly grateful for the life I have. If it weren’t for my parents, for my mother braving the unknown and sticking it out no matter what, I would not be here living this American dream. Thank you, Mom! 

No matter how long families have been here in America, women are consistently driven by a similar vision to provide a better life for them and their family.

Happy Mother’s Day.

In My Mother's Footsteps

In My Mother's Footsteps