Guest Blog by Kasia Cummings, Chemist, Founder and CEO Buffalo Gal Organics

With the latest health trend leaning towards probiotics and fermented foods, the beauty industry has taken a jump on board the hottest health trend to fermented nirvana. It’s not that fermented foods, probiotics and mushrooms haven’t been around for thousands of years -- they have. But with the shifting of gears to cleaner formulations, bioactive additives and greater bioavailability of ingredients, many companies and consumers are making a beeline to be the first to give fermented skincare a try.

What are ferments and what do they do?

In simple terms, fermentation is the process where a substance is broken down into finer molecules by the use of bacteria, yeast or other microorganisms. When used in skincare, these fermented plants then exhibit higher potency and concentration of skin loving molecules.

From a chemist’s point of view, fermentation takes active components in whole plant materials, like antioxidants and phenolic compounds, and enhances their potency and absorbability by decreasing molecular size.  These smaller molecules become more bioavailable and can go deeper into damaged areas of the skin tissue where repair might be needed.

“Fermented skincare is more bioavailable for dermal repair like reducing hyperpigmentation, boosting collagen + elastin production and overall refinement of skin texture”

Magical mushrooms, the skincare superhero

The use of mushrooms is rooted in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda and has been used for thousands of years to correct imbalances in the body and protect against disease and cellular damage. Mushrooms are adaptogenic in nature, meaning that they can help to restore balance in body function otherwise known as homeostasis. When we apply these compounds topically, they can offer relief from environmental stressors, inflammation and photosensitizing agents. Now, as we ferment these already potent ingredients, we find that mushrooms are becoming the star of the show when it comes to glowing skin.

There are many forms of mushrooms that supply plant based alternatives to otherwise chemical based ingredients. Thanks to interest holistic wellness, we are becoming familiar with shiitake and reishi mushrooms in our grocery aisles, and now they are mainstreaming their way into our beauty products. They are a natural source of Vitamin D, and when applied topically, they provide benefits like brightening, anti-aging, nourishing, hydration, redness reduction, antioxidant protection and wound healing. 

“As a formulator, I’ve found that mushrooms like shiitake, reishi, chaga and cordyceps are not only effective in treating specific skin issues like dullness, dryness and uneven texture, but they are also gentle and effective for sensitized skin as well.”

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Buffalo Gal fermented skincare

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With the trend towards clean beauty, fermented and naturally derived ingredients are gaining popularity in more skincare formulations because they are clean, sustainable, provide results and are gentler on the skin overall. Look for fermented extracts of all sorts on your beauty bottle, from green tea to black tea and mushrooms when choosing what is right for your skin type. 

Now, go grab that kombucha while you give your skin a treat!

“What you put on your skin you eat. Make sure that you eat clean from the outside in too.”

* * *

Kasia Cummings is a chemist and the Founder and CEO of Buffalo Gal Organics, with a mission to provide quality, plant based skincare that is good for you inside and out.

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Kombucha for your skin? The skinny on fermented skincare and why it’s so good for you

Kombucha for your skin? The skinny on fermented skincare and why it’s so good for you