Celebrating One Year of TheWMarketplace, By The Numbers!

1 Year

We just celebrated the one year anniversary of opening to shoppers on TheWMarketplace - and what a year it's been! Kate and I have been reflecting on how far we have come since we hatched this idea to create The Economic Engine for Women just about 16 months ago. And I keep thinking about the numbers...

6 Women

At the top of our minds, always, is the small, incredible team that has formed around this business. These amazing women: Melissa, Madelyn, Carmen and Colleen, have worked tirelessly and with endless passion for this mission-driven business. We would not be where we are today with out their brilliance and dedication. 

500 Female Entrepreneurs

The mission and heart of our businesses is to support the growth of women-owned businesses by providing a great platform for them to reach a national audience. 500+ businesses have joined our community and we are honored and inspired by them every day. If you are reading this - you should join us or introduce us to someone you know who would like a supportive community to grow their business.

200K+ Site Visitors = 333% increase in sales in 9 months!

We're looking at you, shoppers!! THANK YOU for checking out this new shopping site and purchasing from women-owned businesses! Every dollar you spend on TheWMarketplace stays with women entrepreneurs and you are making a difference to small businesses owners with every purchase. 

10 New Partnerships to Empower Women

We know that women coming together to do business with and support other women will change our world for the better. One way we accomplish this is by bringing together organizations like The Washington Center for Women in Business, The US Commercial Service, Take The Lead Women and WBEC Pacific to provide education, mentoring, business coaching and certification to women entrepreneurs. Thank you to our dedicated and inspiring partners!

57+ Opportunities to Brag About Our Sellers

From nutrition coaches to teen makers of pet treats to menopause experts to swimwear and skin care, we cannot stop bragging about the women entrepreneurs who have joined TheWMarketplace. We have written over 40 blog posts telling their stories, showcased their expertise and products hundreds of times on our social media channels and met them LIVE over 17 times on our Facebook and YouTube channels. We won't stop bragging because they just continue to be amazing every single day. And a special thanks to our blog writers, Bridget Keaton and Susan Elderkin who edit, write and throw in a little graphic design to make every post special. 

We are just getting started!

We have so many plans in the works to create an even better business platform for women entrepreneurs and a first class shopping site where you can find even more ways to shop your values. We never dreamed we would have achieved this much momentum in the first 12 months and can't wait to see what the next 12 hold. If the last year is any indicator - it's going to be a wild ride! We'd love for you to join us in our adventure. 


Susan and Kate


Cheers to One Year!

Cheers to One Year!