TheWMarketplace is adding to its collection of women experts every day.  And what we are hearing in January is that there are businesses looking for professional tax preparers.  There are so many women who are launching their businesses on line during the pandemic.  We want to put money in their pockets and help them thrive!

Help us spread the word that TheWMarketplace is creating a one-stop resource for those seeking women professional service providers.


Listing your service with TheWMarketplace is just $99 for a full year and there are no hidden charges of other fees.  Any service you arrange and provide for a client is 100% owned by you!  If you sell a pre-packaged block of time or other packaged service through TheWMarketplace, the usual commission applies:  8% on the sale price plus 3% processing fee.  

For more details on how to sign up, or to discuss what this could look like for you, please contact Colleen Butler,

Calling all Women Tax Experts!

Calling all Women Tax Experts!