Keep the glow.  With this simple phrase, Tracey Kearse captures the essence of her business and passion.  Filled with knowledge and a drive to create a product keeps both the environment and consumer in mind, Tracey built a company that fills her soul and makes her customers and the planet glow a little brighter. 

With a degree in chemical engineering and a passion for health, wellness and beauty, Tracey spent the first fifteen years of her professional career in marketing and product development.  Having made a name for herself, she was approached by a friend while working at a skin and hair care company about a need for a scalp product.  Shortly after, her sister reached out about a high-quality skin and scalp product and believed that Tracey would be just the right person to develop it.  The seed had been planted.  In 2014, Tracey got to work creating a product that would re-balance the scalp and skin microbiomes, brighten the skin, and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem.  

In 2018 Tracey saw her vision become reality as AcARRE made its way to the markets and she faced the challenges of so many women entrepreneurs:  starting a business, raising a family, and working full time.  Despite this tremendous workload, Tracey gracefully managed it all with the love and support of her friends and family and has since witnessed abundant success in her company. 

AcARRE’s products are inspired by African and Pacific Islander use of ingredients that restore balance to the microbiome.  Using natural ingredients such as Baobab oil, Rosehip fruit oil and Kalahari melon seed oil, the products work in sync with the scalp and skin’s natural elements by combining clinically proven bio-active ingredients. They leave the skin and scalp transformed within days to feel healthier, smoother, and appear more luminous. 

Tracey Kearse makes the world glow a little brighter day in and day out. Whether in the form of pursuing her passions, creating a better skin product or intentionally choosing solutions that put the environment first, Tracey forges her path that “keeps the glow”.  

Tracey Kearse: Keeping the Glow

Tracey Kearse:  Keeping the Glow