In 2013, Swatee Surve took her passion for positive change out of the corporate world and started her own company, Litesprite, that “combines games, machine learning, and big data to improve health outcomes for a variety of chronic health conditions.” With a background in bioengineering, mechanical engineering, biomechanics and business, Swatee is a woman who embodies commitment, dedication and ambition.

At the beginning of Swatee’s career as a young woman of color in engineering, she faced tremendous challenges and adversity that made work difficult.  With the support and advice of mentors, managers who actively engaged in her career development, sponsors in the company and her family, she overcame these challenges and rose to the top tiers of a large corporation.  Swatee’s commitment and excitement to create change drove her to break stereotypes for women in technology and forged a path for women to come.  

In 2011, excited about the connection between healthcare and technology, and with the belief that technology has the ability to help people, Swatee began conducting research into the idea of using games for health improvement.  With early results showing positive outcomes for users, she launched Litesprite with the intention of creating sustainable patient engagement that also brings joy.  Swatee is excited to continue to make an impact as Litesprite’s digital therapeutics reach a broader audience.  

Swatee Surve is a woman of innovation, ambition, excellence and commitment.  While she found tremendous success in the corporate world, she knew that she had what it takes to forge her own entrepreneurial path and to create a company with enduring impact.

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Swatee Surve - Combining Healthcare and Technology to Bring Joy to Patients

Swatee Surve - Combining Healthcare and Technology to Bring Joy to Patients