Shevondalyn Robinson: Investing in Herself and Finding Delight

Shevondalyn Robinson is a woman brimming with passion for knowledge and determination to see her dreams come to fruition.  With a love for antiquing and the desire to maintain a consistent connection with her daughter, Shevondalyn has created a path for herself that brings joy, knowledge, and family to the center of her life.   

Over the years, Shevondalyn and her daughter found delight in antiquing.  The two would collect items that they found unique or interesting and slowly their collection grew.  When Shevondalyn needed to earn extra income but needed to continue to care for her daughter, she realized the items she had been collecting held value and a new business idea formed.  With a background in business and love of history, Shevondalyn set out to create her business, Delightful Discoveries by SnS.  This was her opportunity to forge a path that enabled her to fulfill her passions while also giving her the flexibility to be home with her daughter.  

As Shevondalyn started out, she was met with the challenge of identifying and pricing items.  Given her determination to correctly identify each item, she met with local experts to provide insight and information on the quality, history and authenticity of objects.  But she quickly realized that this did not always result in the best information or results, saying, “You have to invest in yourself if you expect anyone else to be willing to invest in you”.  Since then, Shevondalyn has spent innumerable hours researching the history and value of items via online references, forums, books and picking the brains of the estate sale managers.  She puts in the work daily to ensure that what she is selling is authentic and trustworthy. Moving forward, she is “excited to grow as a mentor to other women and provide a space for Black women to find support, resources and guidance they can trust in this industry”.  



Shevondalyn Robinson:  Investing in Herself and Finding Delight