With a vision of confident, comfortable and adventurous women on her mind, Rosie Mangiarotti is ready to make a difference. Equipped with a go-getter attitude, passion for entrepreneurship and the support of family and friends, Rosie set out to solve a problem.

During her undergraduate studies at Brown University, Rosie pursued her passion of entrepreneurial studies and business. During her junior year, the idea for a new business venture arose: a sticky bra with replaceable adhesives. Rosie knew that finding bras to wear with open-back tops can be challenging and that relying on reusable sticky bras can become precarious. She decided to create a product that enabled women to reuse the same bra, which is cost effective and better for the planet, while still having the same level of stickiness as a fresh bra. The idea took off and in 2017 Perkies launched. Now, four years later, Perkies has gained traction in the market and also gives back.

With giving back on the mind, Rosie stated: “I hope to one day start a business that makes the world a better place.” So far Rosie has done just that. Not only does Perkies enable women to wear their tops stress free, but it also donates 5% of each sale to charities such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, HelpHopeLive, CAMFED and Girls Who Code. Each charity that Perkies supports either uplifts women, supports them or promotes gender parity. But Rosie has only just begun her business career, and her drive to help others is unwavering.

In March of 2021, Rosie launched a new product: a sticky mask. As the global pandemic made mask wearing the new normal, another challenge was created for those who wear glasses. Rosie’s mom, Carolyn, pointed out that her background in adhesives could prove helpful. With that in mind, Rosie designed a mask that has “medical grade, skin-friendly adhesive” and “the masks easily adhere to the shape of your face with a gentle removal.”  

When Rosie sees a problem, she jumps in and finds a solution. She is ambitious, positive and never lets negativity stop her from reaching her goals.

Rosie Mangiarotti: Solving Practical Problems

Rosie Mangiarotti: Solving Practical Problems