In 2015, Mikaela Kiner took a step that has reverberated through the lives of many in the community.  As a working mom with a certification as an executive coach and longstanding passion for HR, the decision to start her own consulting firm opened the door to a new energy for working.  

With values rooted in kindness, empathy, inclusion and transformation, Kiner has brought to life a consulting firm that meets clients where they are at, just as her business has done for her.  As a mother of two teenage kids, Kiner desired for a better work-life balance that merged her passions.  “I love working in HR but wanted to help companies with what they need, when they need it, without the bureaucracy” Kiner said.  So, with the support of her family and her Seattle community, Kiner forged the career that met her needs while supporting others.   

Driven by her core instinct to empathize with others, Kiner has an uncanny ability to stand in the shoes of others.  This is clear in how she leads her company, her family and her presence in the community.  Reverb was founded with a vision to “create healthy, inclusive cultures that scale”.  The company operates with an omnipresent emphasis on flexibility, exceptionalism and kindness as they guide clients to find greater success that reverberates throughout the company as a whole.  Reverb believes that when companies are built on healthy and inspired workers, they will grow with a stronger foundation.   

In addition to starting her own business, Kiner published a book called Female Firebrands: Stories and Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control and Succeed in the Workplace.  Using thirteen examples of professional, mission driven women, Kiner shares stories of success and adversity in the work world.  Her book highlights stories that are too familiar to women and gives advice how to navigate these challenges in the workplace without derailing careers.  

An inspirational woman through and through, Mikaela Kiner is happy to have the opportunity to do what she loves, be surrounded by her family and make advocacy for gender parity part of her life’s work.   

Meet Mikaela Kiner - Founder/CEO/Author

Meet Mikaela Kiner - Founder/CEO/Author