Sometimes a great opportunity comes your way and you just have to run with it. That's what happened to Lynn Power when her husband introduced her to his friend James Hammett. James had been formulating new hair care solutions and needed help turning his side hobby into a product for the market to enjoy. Lynn had amassed thirty years in the advertising business and was looking to find something new and meaningful. Together they created MASAMI, where Lynn is currently CEO.

MASAMI hair products cleanse, hydrate and nourish hair without the damaging use of phthalates, sulfates or parabens. The secret is in the use of Mekabu powder, which is the part of wakame seaweed closest to the root. It’s full of vitamins and minerals and sourced from a family-run seafood company in Japan.

Mekabu is grown as a crop, and a healthy ocean environment is critical to its successful growth. With this goal in mind, Lynn’s company has founded the MASAMI Institute to research, monitor, and document each season of oceanic growth in Northeast Japan, an area that is feeling the effects of climate change. A few years ago she was able to travel to Japan and see how Mekabu is harvested and made into powder. Along with the opportunity to drive the culture of her business, the personal connection to her product invigorates Lynn, and it's something that she wasn’t able to do in the advertising world.

The embodiment of bold intelligence allows Lynn Power to strive towards her goals efficiently and gracefully. She is never afraid of the challenge and over the past three years, Lynn has transformed her career into something that is unique, fulfilling and has the power to make people smile.  

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Lynn Power: Finding Fulfillment in a New Career

Lynn Power: Finding Fulfillment in a New Career