Radiance, intention and resilience.  Lanee Bradshaw is a woman who constantly strives to find and create beauty in the world and is not afraid to tackle any challenges that come her way.  With a background in art and visual media, Lanee knew she wanted to pursue a career that involved creativity, exploration and hands-on work. 

Coming from a family of woman entrepreneurs, Lanee was raised with the belief that she could accomplish anything to which she set her mind. Growing up, she was surrounded by female role models who brought their own dreams to reality.  Her mother, aunts and grandmother all owned businesses, enabling her to see that the chance to pursue one’s own passion lies within yourself.  As Lanee explored different career paths to understand what made her heart sing, she realized that creating beautiful resin jewelry filled a missing piece of her soul.  

Aware of the reality that challenging times cannot last forever, Lanee is equipped to tackle the trials tossed her way.  And 2020 was no exception.  Lanee’s year began in a hospital but with grit and her ability to look adversity in the eye, she was able to find her passion in the midst of it all.  Lanee boldly began her business, Lanee’s Resin Alchemy, in October of 2020.  Inspired by the forces of nature, her resin-based jewelry is infused with intention, beauty and radiance.  She cultivates her keen awareness of human emotions as she creates each piece.   

Lanee took a tough year and rose up more radiant than ever.  She pushed toward her goals and brought life to her passions, breathing life into work.   Her ability to put in the work and create a business that brings her joy is contagious and an inspiration to women everywhere.  It is evident that she can truly accomplish anything she sets her mind to and her jewelry business will only continue to grow.  Lanee Bradshaw is a woman to watch as she continues to wow the world!  




Lanee Bradshaw: An Alchemy of Strength and Beauty

Lanee Bradshaw:  An Alchemy of Strength and Beauty