Driven by a passion for supporting and uplifting women, Joan Antwine has turned a passion project into a business that brings her joy and at the same time allows others to live with ease knowing that the products they use are clean, chemical-free and sustainable. By taking the bold steps to elevate her hobby into a business, Joan demonstrates that with innovation and grit, anything is possible.

In 2012, Joan made a purchase that altered her life path. One day, she went to a department store and bought the best-selling face wash, toner and moisturizer. Excited to try her new purchase, she went home and put the set to use. Within days, her skin, which had been clear, broke out like it never had before. When she read the products ingredients, she was disturbed to see that only two percent of the contents were natural.

Joan knew the root of the problem. So, she set out to make her own skin care products with all-natural ingredients that focused on natural remedies. After some trial and error, she landed on a set of products that worked well and her skin became clear, tighter, and hydrated.  

Joan’s cleansing and moisturizing products quickly gained a following with her friends and colleagues. She received multiple requests to try them, and many of her friends encouraged her to begin selling them. But since Joan also works full time as a Systems Administrator for a tech company, the idea of turning her personal beauty project into a business was a little daunting. However, her trials to family and friends only reported positive results, and she recognized that selling her products could empower women to feel more confident and introduce a beauty alternative to harsh chemicals.  

In 2017, Joan launched Purfavulous, LLC., and her beauty line hit the market. Since then, she has expanded her products to meet other demands and is looking at a few other potentials. An unstoppable force, Joan Antwine is one to be reckoned with. She knows what she wants and will not stop until she reaches her goals. Joan shows the world that anything is possible when grit, passion and innovation work together.  

Joan Antwine: Hobby Turns Into Business

Joan Antwine: Hobby Turns Into Business