Jessica Mozeico: Family Legacy Shapes Each Bottle of Wine

Rooted with a deep love for her family, Jessica Mozeico has focused her life’s work on connectedness, excellence and community. With tenacity and grace, Jessica successfully finds ways to make life a little sweeter for all. She grew up surrounded by a loving family, so it is no surprise that she puts family first and has a passion for helping those around her succeed and feel loved.  
The origins of Jessica’s passion for wine begin in 1984, when her father, Howard Mozeico, found a new hobby: wine making. It began as a modest process in the family garage and soon led to his participation in various wine classes and wine competitions, as well as occasionally assisting local wine makers with production.
After watching her father’s burgeoning hobby for years, Jessica headed to college where she graduated with a degree in Psychology in 1995 and later received an MBA from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. The pull back home was strong, and in 2003, Jessica and her father founded Et Fille Wines, the name meaning “And Daughter.” With Et Fille Wines, Jessica and her father sowed love and passion into each bottle in hopes that the elegant bottles could be shared between friends, family and loved ones.
In 2017, Jessica’s world was rocked by the sudden passing of her father. But despite his absence, Jessica knew that her work was not done and she must carry on continuing his legacy. As she grows and shapes Et Fille Wines in his honor, Jessica said, “I hope that I make those around me feel heard, seen, understood, and loved…[and] that my daughter grows up seeing the kindness, thoughtfulness, beauty, and drive that I see in her.”
Grounded by family and inspired by its relentless love, Jessica has the ability to tie people together through an elegant bottle of wine. She brightens up the community through her impressive perseverance, grace and love for sharing the world with others.
Jessica Mozeico: Family Legacy Shapes Each Bottle of Wine