Jess Lupacckino: Finding Peace and Happiness Through Yoga

Yoga and similar meditation practices teach people how to stretch their body, calm their mind, and find peace and happiness in the gifts that life has to offer. For the past fourteen years, Jess Lupacckino has utilized the practice of yoga to find balance in her life that had been regularly thrown askew from the stresses of work.

As Jess recognized the importance of yoga in her life, she became aware of her calling, and when the disruption of the pandemic hit, she made a career pivot and founded a yoga practice, Day Vibes, LLC in April 2020. Now she feels fortunate each day that she is able to help others find peace, happiness and content.

Prior to her new practice, Jess spent twenty years working in project management where she often felt as though her voice went unheard, her positivity ignored, and her creative ideas left unrecognized. To combat this stress, Jess turned to yoga in 2006 as a means of emotional healing and as a happiness exercise. This practice eventually inspired her to get her license in yoga practices, including her 200 RYT, Trauma Sensitive Certification, and Mindfulness Meditation Certification. When she realized that she had a gift for teaching, she knew it was time to make the switch to a career which enabled her to uplift others.  

Since starting Day Vibes a year ago, Jess has worked with many individuals, groups, and corporations, both in person and via video calls, to meet her clients where they are right now. She cultivates a caring and compassionate atmosphere and gracefully leads people to have meaningful discussions that enable employees to voice their concerns and feel heard. This aspect of her practice is instrumental in achieving her goals to create a more empathetic, balanced and happy world. As Day Vibes continues to grow, Jess strives to bring people together to heal the earth, workspace, and the individual mind. Jess is a woman centered on the positive and focused on the beauty in all. She cultivates an atmosphere of joy and is ready and excited to lead others to a happier lifestyle.

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Jess Lupacckino: Finding Peace and Happiness Through Yoga