Powered with intention and kindness, Jen Fontanilla has shaped a career that empowers women – and especially women entrepreneurs -- to make good financial decisions. She believes that when women are financially empowered, they are unstoppable.

Jen is clearly unstoppable. She is a certified financial planner, money coach, speaker, graphic designer and author of six books! Like many others, she got to this place circuitously. She began her college studies at University of California, Riverside, with the goal of becoming a doctor, but found herself drawn in another direction and graduated with a double degree in biology and art. She spent her first seven years working in graphic design and brand marketing, yet when it came to her own financial future, she was frustrated that her studies never taught her how to build and manage wealth.

With that new goal in mind, Jen made a transition into the financial sector. She knew that she had a gift to help “women entrepreneurs take control of their finances, so they gain clarity, hope, and confidence to live out their true passion and purpose.” Because Jen is so warm, personable and uplifting, it is no surprise that her work as a life and money coach took off. She says that “making an impact is just as important to me as making a profit. And making a difference is the best feeling ever.” It is clear that she cares about her clients and wants to see them succeed.  

Today she is the founder and CEO of Queen Up Life, a business that helps women entrepreneurs understand how to take control of their finances and realize their goals. She helps her clients “go from financial overwhelm and confusion to clarity and peace of mind.” Her latest book, “Do Before I Do,” is a must-read for couples who are just establishing their financial household together.

Gifted with the tool of resilience, the ability to grow and pour love onto others, Jen Fontanilla empowers women to take charge of their lives and businesses and grow them to their potential. She knows her financial stuff and ceaselessly works to enrich and empower all who she works with.

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Jen Fontanilla: Financial Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Jen Fontanilla: Financial Coach for Women Entrepreneurs