A key element to TheWMarketplace's mission is to help women get their companies started. So when we heard that Yareni Martinez's friends and family had been suggesting that she create a business to sell her all-natural soaps and lotions, we helped her launch Yave Naturals on TheWMarketplace.

Yareni folds natural ingredients, like herbs, fruits, vegetables, oatmeal and more, into her beauty products so that they are safe and effective for everyone. Whether you have sensitive skin or just want radiant skin, Yave Naturals has a soap for you!

We recently caught up with her to ask about how she got started.

What motivated you to start your business?

I have very sensitive skin, and no matter what I bought, from an inexpensive bottle of moisturizer at a drug store to a very expensive bottle at a high-end retailer, my skin would have an allergic reaction. So I decided to make my own with natural ingredients. After a while, I started receiving compliments from family and friends on how good my skin looked, and they wanted to know what I was using. Eventually, they wanted to also use my products and asked to buy them from me.

What has been the most exciting or rewarding part of owning your own business?

I feel good when someone uses my products, and they get the results they want. I like helping women feel and look younger.

Do you have a mentor – formal or informal?

None of my friends or family members are business owners so there was no one I could speak with. I have had a lot of help and assistance from both Melissa McGuiness and Carmen Martinez through TheWMarketplace. They are the closest I’ve come to having mentors.

Do you have any advice for other women who are getting started in business?

I would say to not allow others’ negativity to stop you from pursuing your dreams. I want to keep growing. I’ll never give up on my dreams.

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Her Story: Yareni Martinez, Owner of Yave Naturals

Her Story:  Yareni Martinez, Owner of Yave Naturals