TheWMarketplace just celebrated its first full year in business, and we spent some time reflecting on the women who have been with us from the start. One stand-out is Jennifer Cervelli, who not only sells her beautiful jewelry through our site, but has also taken part in our SheCommerce program. Please take some time to learn about Jennifer and Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry, and then check out her gorgeous work -- she has about 150 pieces available!

Please fill us in about you!

I grew up in a small town outside the suburbs of Philadelphia, and I have been creating art my whole life. I fell in love with metal smithing while attending the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. The beauty of the South inspired many of my first designs, and throughout my travels I draw inspiration for the JCJ jewelry lines. After graduating, I moved to the Bay Area, where I worked for a few prestigious jewelry designers, gaining tremendous bench experience while perfecting my fabrication skills. After about four years in San Francisco and Oakland, I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to focus on developing my own jewelry line. [More recently] I set up the JCJ Studio right next to the gorgeous Pacific Ocean in Hermosa Beach, California, where I have now been running full time. 

We’d love to hear more about your jewelry and what inspires you.

I design and create timeless jewelry that's rustic, ethical, and highly well-crafted for earth-conscious, free spirits, because I believe in empowering others while saving the Earth! JCJ is passionate about cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry. All of our products are handmade with only recycled metals, conflict free precious gemstones, and promote sustainability through our certified California Green Business practices.

You’ve been with TheWMarketplace since the beginning. How did you first learn about it and why add another e-commerce platform?

A friend of mine referred me to TheWMarketplace before it was launched. After she told me what it was all about, I of course said yes I would love to join! I loved the idea of a site that is all about women empowerment hosted by women and supported by women! I think it is such a special place, and I knew it was important for me to join to be a part of this women’s movement we are fighting together. 

How have you taken part in TheWMarketplace?

I was a part of a SheCommerce program as well as the launch Zoom party, which was a great help in getting myself familiar with the whole seller platform and just was a great refresher for me for marketing, photography, listings, etc! I was also a seller speaker at the International Women’s Day Zoom, Be Bold Now, with RevelEleven, which I really enjoyed!! It was amazing to be able to share my story and be a source of inspiration for other women. 

I definitely love the benefits of being a part of TheWMarketplace outside of just being a seller, it is truly a place of support, is all inclusive, and I feel like I have so many resources available to me through TheWMarketplace… I love that the WMarketplace creates social media graphics all sellers have access to use for holiday and year round events. I love being able to join the programs provided as well to further my networking, my knowledge, and my confidence! 

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HER STORY: Jennifer Cervelli, Creator of Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry

HER STORY:  Jennifer Cervelli, Creator of Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry