In 2019, Elaine Robinson boldly took a leap of faith to dedicate herself full time to her web design business, Smiling Web Design. Elaine had held on to her job in customer service and technical roles since 1995, but also had made time to nurture her business centered around women empowerment. She tirelessly worked to balance, work, family, her love of the internet and design and found joy in helping others in the process.     

With a passion to help others and enthusiasm for a new technology, Elaine made the leap into the industry of the internet in 1995 with the launch of her web design business.  Elaine was fascinated with this new mode of communication and recognized that she could combine her desire to help others with her skills in technology and design. Since then, Elaine has successfully and gracefully raised women to higher levels in business through aesthetic and strategic web designs. 

Elaine is consistently positive, bold, and woman-centered in how she carries herself and lifts up others.  One of her favorite things about her business is the opportunity to promote women and help their businesses grow. Through the transformation of a client's website, Elaine feels so much joy in relieving the burden from each client’s shoulders.  In addition to her web design company, Elaine also launched the site Geeky Glam Gal to promote the women-owned businesses she worked with.  

Elaine Robinson has devoted her life to lifting up women and pursuing her dreams through consistent, hard work and navigating around challenges.  She is a great example of passion, adaptation, excellence, support and is ready to tackle all challenges that life throws her way. 

Elaine Robinson - Smiling Web Design

Elaine Robinson - Smiling Web Design
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