When asked what motivated her to start her own business, Christie Lawler said, “I had too much passion and too many ideas to allow others to tell me what I dreamt about accomplishing wasn't possible. I decided that the only way to accomplish my goals was to go out on my own”.  Driven by a call to uplift women and spark change in the hospitality industry, Christie tenaciously forges her path towards achieving her goals and creating a lasting positive difference through the creation of no less than three organizations.

As a woman with experience in the hospitality industry, an education in journalism and business, and a passion for creativity and innovation, it is no surprise that Christie has transformed her dreams into reality with the establishment of CJL Consulting, LLC, the WITI Group Foundation and Jab Mixology.  

After graduating from Arizona State University in 2000 with a BA in journalism, Christie moved to Southern Germany where she worked for three years for the US Military as a marketing manager and editor. After serving, she later got her MBA at the University of Phoenix and started her consulting company, CJL Consulting, LLC., in 2009.  Specializing in the hospitality industry, Christie’s company consults on topics ranging from marketing to budgeting and everything in between.  She gracefully works with many different sized companies and helps create results that make a big difference.   

In addition to starting her consulting company, Christie knew that she had more to do to empower women.  She wanted to help women reach their potential and have a place of financial and emotional support.  So, Christie started a non-profit called the WITI Group which stands for Women in the Industry.  Being a victim of sexual assault herself, Christie understands the importance of connection and support in the male-dominated hospitality industry. The creation of the WITI Group made support for abuse victims possible and has given back agency, confidence and dignity to the many women who are involved in the foundation. 

Christie Lawler is a woman who is excited for life. She finds inspiration in everyone she meets, looks at the world with optimism and innovation and always seeks to make a difference for greater good.  Christie is the perfect representative of all the values and businesses embodied in TheWMarketplace:  brilliant women who are succeeding and lifting up other women. We are so proud to welcome ALL of Christie’s organizations, for profit and non-profit, onto TheWMarketplace.  


Christie Lawler: Following Her Passion

Christie Lawler:  Following Her Passion