Equipped with a passion for travel and the wisdom of years running a veterinary practice, Bernadine Cruz has turned an inspiration she had on a vacation a decade ago into a reality during the global pandemic.

It all started in 2011 during a trip to China. As Bernadine traveled around the country, she struggled to efficiently find the items she needed within her handbags. Constantly rummaging through her bags, she felt bogged down, and when she returned to California, she began jury-rigging other bags together to make them functional for all her needs. The idea had sparked. Bernadine realized that there was a need in the market for travel bags with the purpose of keeping everything accessible, comfortable, organized, and secure.  

Bernadine knew she had a great idea for which there would be a solid market, but the timing was not right. As a veterinarian of over thirty years, Bernadine was busy with her practice and loved her job. In addition to her veterinary practice, Bernadine has been a professional speaker for years. She gives presentations to women veterinarians and nurses on topics such as “How to Walk and Talk Like a Woman but Be Heard Like a Man.” These talks empower women to pursue goals and reach for their full potential, regardless of the chance of failure. Bernadine says, “If a child fails, we celebrate. They attempted and learned from what they did. But women hold the idea that we cannot fail. It’s not celebrated, and too often we don’t go for the goal. We need to challenge that and learn that failing is okay.”

With her own advice at heart, and as the world went into lockdown, Bernadine seized the opportunity to realize her vision. While quarantining, she designed new versions of a travel bag until she found a style that worked best. Now, nearly a year later, she has launched Conmigo on TheWMarketplace, and is excited to see what is next in store. Bernadine Cruz boldly took a step to see her goals come to life and is a walking testament that women should always pursue their passions and take a chance on themselves.

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Bernadine Cruz: An Inspiration Becomes Reality

Bernadine Cruz: An Inspiration Becomes Reality