“Purpose fuels passion.” For Anna Lisa Lukes, these three words ring true and are clearly exemplified in the work that she pursues. Through genuine and meaningful interactions, Anna Lisa has the ability to transform organizations and enable them to make a stronger positive impact within their communities. With an emphasis on intentionality and a deep connection to her why, Anna Lisa utilizes marketing and sustainability to make a difference in the world. 

At a young age, Anna Lisa moved from the Philippines to the United States with her mother and three sisters. “Starting a new life in a new country on her own is one of the most entrepreneurial ventures I've had the pleasure to witness,” Anna Lisa said of her mother. With her mother as inspiration, Anna Lisa became a first-generation college graduate from UCLA and later went on to graduate school at Chapman University where she received her MBA. She knew that she wanted her work to create change and make an impact, and her every move pointed her toward her goals.

As an immigrant from the Philippines, Anna Lisa understands the importance of conservation and sustainability. The ramification of climate change on the Philippines is immense, and if real change does not occur, it will inevitably threaten the water  and food supply and impact women and children at a higher rate.

With this in mind, Anna Lisa brought her dreams to fruition in 2020 when she and her husband launched The Lukes Network, LLC. The Lukes Network is a marketing and sustainability firm that helps organizations make an impact on their community and create a broader change in the world. In addition, Anna Lisa started the Three B Sustainability Summit in 2019 with the intention of “bringing businesses, cities, counties and other government agencies, students and recent graduates and sustainability professionals together to talk about sustainability.” Eventually, she hopes to start a business in the Philippines to do even more to give back.  

Anna Lisa Lukes successfully changes lives with positivity and the courage to change the world. She brings a client’s story to life authentically and finds joy in seeing the success that they achieve as a result. With a purpose-filled passion, Anna Lisa is ready to make a big difference in all that she encounters.  

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Anna Lisa Lukes: Transforming Organizations and Having an Impact

Anna Lisa Lukes: Transforming Organizations and Having an Impact