October 10, 2023

fall decor - home refresh, october 2023

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year to entertain. The evenings are cool, the trees are just starting to turn color and the discourse turns to family gatherings and celebrations. I’m so excited to bring the fall colors inside my home like I do every year. Having been raised in Western New York, it was normal to be surrounded by the beautiful reds and golds of maples and oaks. These warm colors remind me of one of my favorite activities as a child, shuffling my feet through the fallen leaves on my way to school. Now that I live in Northern California, fall is certainly different. While it will never be as vibrant, it’s beautiful in a warm and relaxing way.

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After a busy summer of traveling, catching up with friends and neighbors over delicious drinks and appetizers is the perfect way to reconnect. The beautifully hand weaved table runner (13.5”x72”), from Bit of Meraki, is a perfect contemporary touch to our oak table. I would also add another functional accent piece that compliments this table runner. The Leaf Shaped Serving Platter (also from Bit of Meraki) is fall themed and large enough to hold appetizers without cluttering the table.  

As I welcome the change in seasons, I love knowing that the WMarketplace will always have something that will brighten my home.  

Written by Carmen Martinez, Customer Service Lead at WMarketplace

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Carmen began her career at another startup, this time it was Microsoft in the late 90’s, where she managed projects and launched key partner initiatives for the company for over nine years. After several years of freelance consulting and raising her two girls in the San Francisco area, along with her husband, Carmen joined WMarketplace as customer service lead. Carmen brings a keen eye for detail and a deeply rooted sense of customer support to her role at WMarketplace. 

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Launched in 2020, WMarketplace is a nationwide e-commerce marketplace for women-owned businesses to sell their products and professional and personal services. Offering favorable terms to its sellers, it also is a supportive community of women entrepreneurs that have access to learning opportunities through the trademarked HER-Commerce™ programs. With over 500 women-owned businesses selling 4000+ products and services ranging from home goods to coaching, in over 35 states, WMarketplace empowers shoppers with a new way to find the communities they want to support, including Black-woman owned, Latina-owned, AAPI-owned, Veteran woman-owned, and more. The Her Story Q&A is one benefit WMarketplace provides to sellers.

Guest Voices: Carmen Martinez - Fall Decor